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Search, locate, consolidate and defend your votes to win.

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Organizes the human talent of the organization based on the territorial division of the geographical area covered. Keep track of your participation within the grassroots organization.


Shows political activities carried out by the geographical area where the activity will have an impact, its organizers and those in charge in different roles, as well as its participants, who will be able to join the activity voluntarily or be registered as attendees. Allows to evaluate impact of the same for the continuous improvement of the strategies.


Shows immediately an information record of all the people who interact with the organization, each new interaction and a history of everything that was known about each person.


Design e-mail campaigns, SMS, call center or instant messaging to reach your supporters and be able to connect with them in a segmented way; designs survey campaigns for field execution through door-to-door, telephone or online visits.


Visualize a graphic panel that allows you in a single view to understand the status of the electoral process and focus the points that require immediate attention, making it easier to adopt strategies in real time, supporting you in the decision-making process.

Social Services

Allows the general public to make requests and complaints through personnel in plant and field. It is also possible to monitor each of the applications to evaluate the management effectiveness.


Create and run online training courses. These courses, which may or may not have evaluations and records of political training in the participants, are aimed at militants, sympathizers or the general public and can be executed by oneself or have a facilitator that direct the actions.

Work Flow

It models the processes of the organization so that each person has a clear and immediate reference of the activity that the process demands and that is expected to be carried out. It controls priorities, alerts about delayed processes, supports the selection of the person who will execute each task and provides a public window so that stakeholders can see the execution status of each process, promoting transparency and dissemination of the activities performed.

Winit will help you to find answers
to all these questions

D Day

  • Do we know how many votes we have on Day D?
  • Do we know and keep track of incidents on election day?
  • By the time the polls close, Do we have clear results?
  • Do we know which one of our contacts voted and which one did not?


  • Do we know which territories we will win?
  • How many activities have been done in each of the territories that will lead us to the triumph?
  • Did we contact the voters where we did activities to ensure success?
  • How do we win most of the territories?

Human Resource

  • Where is our winning team?
  • Are they trained and are they enough to win?
  • Where do we need them?
  • Who will mobilize voters the day D?
  • How many will each one move?
  • Who will monitor the polling stations the day D?
  • Who will guard the winning ballot boxes?


  • Do we have the votes necessary to win?
  • Where are they?
  • How many safe votes do we have?
  • How many do I need to win?
  • Who needs to be mobilized?
  • Are we sure that our message reaches our constituents?
  • Do we keep current information about them?
  • Do they know when and how they can get in touch with the party or with the leaders?

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