Why use winit?

It  is the only software that allows the candidate to know
the results of campaign efforts as the electoral process unfolds.



Winit for electoral campaigns

Winit for political organizations

Winit for situational room

Successful experiences
in Venezuela and Latin America


  •  Zoning of organizational structures.
  •  Creation of militacies database.
  •  Creation of contacts database .
  •  Registration and follow-up of party activism.
  •  Development of internal communications.
  •  Structuring the party at the national, regional and
    municipal levels.
  • Activities reported in campaign.
  •  Contacts registered in database.
  •  Database management and votes totalization.
  • The system was successfully implemented at 14500 polling station, in 1100
    counties, 330 municipalities and 24 states.
  • Use of bot for signature records.
  •  Use of bot for validant signature records in real time.
  •  Registered results.
  • Use of bot for register of validants in real times.
  •  Organizational structures databases management.
  •  Registration of contacts for voters mobilization.
  •  Situational room management.


  •  System deployment and use on election day.
  • Development and design of public web page.
  • Bot application for volunteers registration in real time.
  • Management and summary database.


  • Bot application for surveys and registration.


  • Development and design of public web page.
  • Bot application for electors registration.


  • Campaign structure.
  • Registration and monitoring of activism of the campaign.
  • Development of Internal Communications.
  • Provincial, Cantonal and Parochial Electoral Control Structure.
  • Use of Telegram bot for Validation of Charges and Survey.
  • Implementation of day D systems for all elections.
  • Organization of the Electoral Bunker.

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