WINIT is Politics, Technology and Evolution

Presented in his analysis regarding recent times Spanish author Antoni Gutierrez-Rubi wrote, “The change of an era”. The arrival of the internet, social networks, smartphones and new ways of technological communication have forever revolutionized the way we interact, organize, mobilize, govern, inform and manipulate; pointing out how politics is a mixture of all the above stated.
Being able to apply politics alongside technology results as something interesting, innovative and highly beneficial when needing to understand transformations that have occurred and those that are yet to occur. New technology that has been applied to organize or communicate has resulted positively in the political system of contemporary democratic states and thanks to that equality with technology and politics, the relationship between government and its citizens is becoming more and more horizontal.
Specifically in Venezuela, the use of technology and digital systems of information has contributed to the political renovation from a communicative point of view. In the case of Winit, it stands as an effective solution used by political parties who make up the opposition alliance of the country. They are able to keep track, in real time, of the events that occur in the electoral processesin which they take part in and also have the possibility of making immediate decisions,being able to resolve on time negative factors that can arise.
The system is a guarantee, before, during and after the event. Its applicability,its modules, and its advantages allow you to have complete control of situations and elements while having full and detailed awareness of the areas that require immediate attention.Grantingtools to the candidate and it’s team to develop the campaign the most effective way covering fundamental aspects such as the development of the matter at hand on election day, ground operations, human resources, and the voters.
Winit while being put into practice locates, consolidates and defends the votes in order to win the election. Therefore, optimizing the use of resources and facilitating communication with the voting centers and the electoral witnesses. It sets up virtual spaces with the purpose to have follow up participation, making it possible to have a more precise explanation of the results by registry and fast vote counting.

It’s about evolving. Before, carrying out electoral processes resulted in draining work, with a great deal of effort invested, with a high level of bureaucratization, high logistic and paperwork expenses, limited follow up control with contacted voters, little incident and irregularity information during the electoral process and all the faults fell upon the institutions. While currently we presume of a higher inclusion and participation from society in the processes, as a member of the political organization or as a common citizen representing the guarantee of ensuring processes are more transparent and democratic each time.
Winit is an intelligent and innovative tool that understands political activities, communicational and operational, aiding with organizing information and making decisions in real time in order to win elections. We were able to verify in the regional elections last 2017, where its applicability and functions allowed us to prepare, protect ourselves and manage precise information to defend our triumph in the “Primary” elections. And without a doubt continue to evolve and consolidate our work to win the general elections. I trust in WInit.

Dr. Martin J. Coello
Coordinator of political agenda

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